Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Shadow

She was fierce and beautiful at five, bursting with still-new life. She had adventure in her heart and an unclouded mind. Everything was sunshine, she didn’t yet know of storms. One night she ventured from her room in the dead of night, as silent as she could be. She met a familiar figure who changed her irrevocably. That night the shadow on her soul took shape and began to grow.

She kept quiet about her encounter, too young to know what to do. She was still vibrant but perhaps a bit more guarded. On the outside she wasn’t tainted.

She grew up into a fiery teen, who lived with reckless abandon and sucked life dry. Still no one knew of her secret, and, thus, the shadow grew.

She became a woman with a very blemished soul. Her secret festered and bloomed. Her vibrancy barely flickered through the shadow anymore. The storms were all she knew.

She gains wisdom with her age. She craves the light and yearns to see the beauty after the storm. She loosens her grip on her secret little by little. The shadow is heavy, but she is strong. She is determined to live in the light again.